CENTAD specializes in professional SharePoint training for the automotive industry. SharePoint enables automotive companies to share documents, collaborate on projects and build company websites. At CENTAD we believe that SharePoint can provide the answer to old, outdated workflows within the automotive industry, which is why we offer SharePoint training specifically for companies in this industry. With brands like General Motors and Ford using SharePoint to collaborate around the world, it’s a platform that is rapidly gaining popularity among other automotive companies. Due to this, SharePoint has become Microsoft’s fastest growing product worldwide.

SharePoint allows automotive dealers to consolidate their data in one single location, instead of storing it on different servers in different locations. This increases workflow, document security, and collaboration.


SharePoint for Automotive

For automotive engineers, SharePoint acts as a centralized system where they can share designs, ideas, and documents. They can make changes and refinements without having to deal with multiple copies of a document, or email messages. The system also supports product and process design, making it an all-around perfect solution for the automotive industry.

SharePoint has been used to develop new cars and trucks, including the Ford Focus sedan.

SharePoint can help to facilitate discussions and refine designs, as it’s a practical tool that takes into account the varying environmental and safety regulations. That’s why SharePoint training is essential for your automotive company. Your employees, managers, and Power Users can all benefit from being trained on a system that is powerful, reliable and scalable.


SharePoint Training

When it comes to the automotive industry, CENTAD’s SharePoint training offers numerous benefits. Not only can you implement a system that acts as a centralized database for documents and workflows, but you can customize the platform to support your unique business model.

Here are a few benefits of using SharePoint for your automotive company:

  • It serves as a centralized location for documents and information
  • It offers customized workflows
  • It offers advanced search features to quickly and easily find information
  • You can see user permissions and controlled access

At CENTAD we offer SharePoint training specifically for the automotive industry. We know that every company is different and that’s why we offer customized solutions for your unique needs. We offer training for Beginners/End/Power Users for your entire company.

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