Sharepoint is ever evolving, annual health checks is needed to keep the environment running smoothly and minimize downtime. SharePoint Administration Services & Support is not enough. If your SharePoint solution started to show early signs of troubles, you shouldn’t leave them unattendedThe small foxes spoil the vineEven the minor issues can become the cause of sharepoint environments to perform sluggish. 

To help you assess the efficiency of your SharePoint implementation, CENTAD comes up with the SharePoint Health Check service. We identify both current and potential issues in the SharePoint infrastructure, architecture, performance and security regardless of your SharePoint deployment size and purpose. We reveal all the pain points to restore the correct operation of your SharePoint Environment 


Usually, enterprises face several common issues with their SharePoint environments. Any of these issues can be the right reason for carrying out SharePoint Health Check.


  • Poor performance. The increasing amount of SharePoint sites, custom solutions and content can make your solution sluggish, which affects users’ productivity. CENTAD is here to conduct SharePoint performance monitoring and help you identify the core cause of troubles. 
  • Security issues.Misconfigured deployments, incorrectly set permissions and unpatched vulnerabilities are just a few problems that can undermine your solution security. In the course of an in-depth SharePoint security audit, CENTAD checks your SharePoint solution from different security angles to reveal both apparent and hidden security flaws and close them as soon as possible to avoid a major impact on your deployment. 
  • Poor user adoption. Both performance and security issues lead to consequent adoption problems. In close cooperation with end users, business and technical representatives, CENTAD analyzes your current solution and elaborates on the feasible tactics to fine-tune or reconfigure it to meet your corporate goals as well as users’ needs and preferences. 
  • High support costs. Finally, ongoing SharePoint issues require organizations to constantly spend extra money on supporting their solutions’ stability. By taking a proactive approach to solving the identified issues, you not only enhance the overall solution’s efficiency but also cut the cost of fixing problems by your system administrators or third-party service providers.