SharePoint 2016 is a versatile development platform for building apps and solutions with varying scopes that address a wide range of needs. You can build server-side farm solutions that extend core SharePoint capabilities. SharePoint 2016 offers a new flexible development model—you can use SharePoint 2016 to create apps for SharePoint that take advantage of standard web technologies, such as JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, React,  OAuth, and OData. And SharePoint 2016 provides you with functionality to interact with SharePoint resources and a wide range of hosting options. The new app for SharePoint development model gives you the ability to build apps that take advantage of SharePoint capabilities and that run in the cloud instead of on your SharePoint farm.  

This flexible development model, along with the integration of standard web technologies, makes SharePoint development work more like other kinds of web development that you may already be doing. CENTAD develop applications and we categorize them into the following groups based on the tools used to create them, the programming models used to develop them, the methods by which they are packaged and deployed, the methods by which they are marketed, and the devices on which they run.  

  • Apps for SharePoint 
  • SharePoint publishing sites 
  • SharePoint farm solutions 
  • Mobile apps for SharePoint 
  • Reusable components for SharePoint 
  • SharePoint Framework 

Knowing what you want to develop and further your organization is your business. Using the right mix of available tools and turning your vision into reality is our expertise.

So many times we re-invent the wheel when it’s only necessary to change the tire. Knowing which combination of tools to use together when and how is a key to reducing costs and getting the most out of your existing investments.

Centad develop and maintain your Corporate Intranet by connecting the dots to your internal business processes that allow your employees and strategic partners to easily collaborate.