CENTAD specialises in professional SharePoint training for the ever-growing healthcare industry. We have developed systems and structures to ensure that your company receives the best training and support, to be more efficient and effective. We empower your company to use SharePoint for better communication, compliance and information management. SharePoint is an easy and effective way to manage files, documents and media from one centralized resource. This makes growing your business simple and straightforward.


SharePoint for Healthcare

The healthcare industry has seen major changes in recent years, especially with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. With these changes also come new technologies and regulations that have a significant impact on user training and development.

That’s why more than 60% of healthcare platforms are moving from legacy systems to SharePoint.

Healthcare has remain one of the few industries that rely heavily on paper records. With everything moving to digital, there is a need for information to be secure, readily available and sharable. Electronic records will reduce paperwork, cut administrative costs and reduce human error. But most importantly – it will improve the quality of care within healthcare industry.

SharePoit can also be used as a team site for specific projects. This means you can streamline your processes and have a closed-loop system for all your systems. It allows you to manage your compliance documents throughout your entire process lifecycle.

With SharePoint you can create a truly collaborative environment for stronger engagement. Healthcare solutions are moving toward a patient-centered service, which means that everyone – from nurses to specialists – are all involved to benefit the patient.


SharePoint Training

When it comes to healthcare solutions, effective SharePoint training has become essential – especially in terms of compliance, content management and collaboration. These factors are critical to your company’s success. That’s why your company can benefit from SharePoint training from CENTAD.

Here are a few benefits of using SharePoint for your healthcare company:

  • It serves as a centralized location for documents and information
  • It offers cutomized workflows
  • It offer advanced search features to quickly and easily find information
  • You can se user permissions and controlled access

At CENTAD we offer SharePoint training specifically for the healthcare industry. We know that every company is diffrerent and that’s why we offer customised solutions for your unqiue needs. We offer training for Beginners/End/Power Users for your entire company.

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